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Top Sage Green Paints for the Nursery

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Sage green can be seen everywhere these days and for a good reason. This calming, earthy hue is versatile and complements many different kids room styles and nursery themes.

With so many shades of sage out there, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Thinking about adding sage green to your little one's room but not sure where to start? Read on! 

In this post, you'll read about:

  • My top sage green paint picks 

  • Creative ways to incorporate this color in your nursery or child's room

  • Other important considerations

Top Sage Green Paint Picks for your Nursery

Below are six of my favorite sage green paint colors from different brands. To help with your decision, I suggest going with a brand that you like and have used before that also fits your budget.

The chart below divides the paints into lighter and darker options as well as cooler and warmer tones.

Top 6 Sage Green Paints for a Nursery

As a general guideline for room colors, cooler tones can help a room feel bigger so consider this if you have a smaller space or you prefer a sage color with a bit of blue undertone.

Warm tones make a room feel cozy however can make a space feel smaller. Warmer sage colors have brown or beige undertones and can be a good way to ease into adding color to a room, especially if you are used to using more neutrals in the home.

Sage Wisdom by Benjamin MooreSage Wisdom by Benjamin Moore. I like it for its cool, airy feel that reminds me of calming eucalyptus.  

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin WilliamsEvergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams. It has some nice grey tones in it and is a darker, bolder color that makes it perfect for an accent wall. 

October Mist by Benjamin MooreOctober Mist by Benjamin Moore has a soft and airy feel to it that is not too cool and not too warm. It's great for nurseries or younger children's rooms.

Incorporating Sage Green into your Nursery

Painting your walls is the most impactful way to use a colour. All four walls can be painted for a cohesive look or just an accent wall for a pop of color. Because sage green is such a versatile color, it will grow with your little one even as you switch out their decor and furniture in the room (side note: my daughter recently asked to re-decorate her rom and I cannot deal! 🥹).

However if you are not 100% sure about painting the walls sage green, there are many other ways to incorporate this beautiful color in your baby's room. 

  • Furniture: A sage green dresser, nursing chair, crib or bookshelf can add a trendy touch without painting the walls. 

  • Accents: Throw pillows, rugs, and artwork in sage green tones can tie the whole room together.

  • DIY projects: If you love DIY, an old piece of furniture can be upcycled and re-painted for a personal touch. Alternatively, IKEA has many natural wood furniture options that can be easily painted over, such as their children's Trofast storage shelves (which we love!).

Lichen by Farrow & BallLichen by Farrow & Ball is a mid-to-dark toned sage that pairs well with vintage accents or cottage-type decor.  

Jungle Camouflage by BehrJungle Camouflage by Behr has warm tones that make it perfect for creating a cozy nursery room or reading nook. 

Muted Sage by BehrMuted Sage by Behr. A warm dark tone that pairs well in rooms with lots of natural light. 

Final Considerations 

  • Lighting: Natural light helps brings out the color depth and tones of sage green and they pair beautifully together. If your child's room has limited natural light, consider adding brighter accent colors or go with a lighter shade of sage.
  • Age of your child: For a nursery, opt for a softer sage. As your child grows, you can introduce bolder and darker shades.
  • Washability: As much as we love a smooth matte finish, for younger children who might get creative on the walls, you may want to consider a paint finish with a bit of sheen as these tend to be more durable from scratches and more importantly, are washable! 
  • Test Paint Colors: Use a paint samples to test what colors look like in person. I've tried my best to replicate the paint colors from each brand's website but I noticed a big difference comparing paint swatches that I picked up versus what colors on a website. Plus the leftovers from sample paint cans can be re-used for small DIY paint projects. 

With these tips and my favorite sage green paint picks, you're well on your way to creating a calm, beautiful and magical room for your child. Now, go and start that nursery design project you've been thinking about - you've got this!


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