27 Nursery Theme Ideas to Inspire Your Decorating Journey

27 Nursery Theme Ideas to Inspire Your Decorating Journey

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Looking for ideas to get started on your nursery or kid's room makeover?

Here's a list of 27 of them to spark some inspiration. From underwater adventures to soaring through space, each theme creates a cozy space that invites your little ones to explore, dream and play. Oh how I love the magic of childhood. ✨ 

Ready? Grab a cuppa and let's dive in!

  1. Woodland/Forest: 🌳
    • Bring the magic of nature indoors with tree murals, woodland creatures, and soft earthy tones.
  2. Space Explorer: 🚀
    • Blast off into an intergalactic adventure with planets, stars, and spaceship decor in cosmic blues and deep purples.
  3. Safari Adventure: 🦓
    • Create a wild safari experience with animal prints, jungle greenery, and playful safari-themed accessories.
  4. Under the Sea: 🐠
    • Dive deep into an underwater wonderland with ocean-inspired decor, sea creatures, and calming shades of blue.
  5. Fairyland: 🍄🧚🏼
    • Step into a fairytale world with whimsical elements like mushrooms, fairy gardens and fairies, in pastel hues.
  6. Unicorn and Rainbows: 🦄
    • Side note: My daughter would be seriously upset if I did not include this one! Add color to the room with vibrant colors, sparkly throw pillows and of course rainbow and unicorn decor. 
  7. Dinosaur Discovery: 🦕
    • Create your own dino land with dinosaur-themed decor, dino footprints, and earthy greens and browns.
  8. Camping Adventures: ⛺🌲
    • Campfire vibes and outdoor adventures come alive with camping-themed decor, plaid patterns, and natural wood accents. 
  9. Magical Mermaid Cove: 🐚
    • Dive into an underwater world with mermaids, seashells, and a dreamy blue, purple and pink color palette
  10. Superhero: 🦸‍♂️
    • Unleash superhero adventures with comic book-inspired decor, superhero logos, and bold colors.
  11. Farm: 🐄
    • Create a charming farm atmosphere with barnyard animals, tractors, and rustic farm-inspired elements.
  12. Construction: 🚧
    • Build excitement with a construction-themed room featuring trucks, tools, and a color scheme inspired by construction sites.
  13. Garden Tea Party: 🍰
    • Create an elegant garden tea party room with floral decor, teacups, and soft pastel tones for a touch of fancy.
  14. Music: 🎵
    • Get your little musician started early with instruments, musical notes, and vibrant pops of color. Cute idea: frame pages of sheet music of their favourite nursery tunes!
  15. Travel: 🗺 
    • Explore the world with an adventurous theme featuring maps, globes, and travel-inspired decor in neutral tones.
  16. Sweets and Ice Cream: 🍦 
    • Create an imaginary sugary paradise with candy-themed decor, cupcakes, ice cream and sprinkles of course in a playful color palette.
  17. Robots: 🤖
    • Get futuristic fun with robot-themed decor, gears, and a metallic color scheme for a touch of sci-fi adventure.
  18. Vintage Airplanes:  ✈️
    • Soar through the skies with a vintage airplane theme featuring propellers, aviation maps, and a pilot hat and goggles with earthy brown and beige colors.
  19. Princess:  👑
    • Create a fairytale inspired room with a hanging canopy, crown and castles in and pastel hues and touches of gold.
  20. Sports:  🏀
    • Are you a basketball or maybe a footbal family? Celebrate the love for sports with an athletic theme showcasing different sports gear and vibrant colors or get specific and feature one sport if you prefer!
  21. Coastal/Beach: 🏄🏼
    • Create a coastal theme the features surfboards, seashells, and a breezy color palette of ocean blues and sandy neutrals. 
  22. Mountain Adventure:  🏔️
    • Take your little explorer up to the peaks with a theme showcasing snow-capped peaks, pine trees, and earthy tones.
  23. Plant Lover: 🌿
    • Cultivate a love for plants with lush greenery, botanical prints, and a fresh, natural color scheme. Are you a succulent or cactus mama? Get specific with your favorite kind of plants!
  24. Circus:  🎪
    • Fill your room with the magic of the circus! Incorporate wide stripes, whimsical animals, and colorful tones. 
  25. Petite Paris:  🥐 
    • Bring some chic into your baby's room featuring iconic landmarks llike the Eiffel Tower, charming cafe's and blue and pink pastel toned hues.
  26. Moon: 🌔
    • Get your little one excited to fly to the moon with starry backdrops, pictures of the moon and astronauts. 
  27. Hot Air Balloon 🌥
    • Soar to the skies with floating balloon, clouds and a pastel inspired color palette.

Having a theme for your baby's room helps guide your decorating decisions making the process easier, quicker and a lot more fun! It's ok to mix and match different elements if you can't decide on one single theme of course, but a good tip is to keep your color palette to 3-5 colors so that the space ooks cohesive and thoughtfully designed. 

For visuals and more ideas, check out our Pinterest Board of Nursery Theme Ideas. We are constantly adding to it so follow the board if you like! 

I hope this has inspired you to get started creating a beautiful space where your little one can dream, play, and grow surrounded by love and creativity. ❤️✨ 

Happy decorating!


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